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Date: Thu May 04 2000 - 21:49:43 EEST

Further to Bruce's comment, translates between CATIA and IGES,
STEP, SAT. There is no STL translation at present but will be made available
sometime soon. We will inform the list when it is available as this could be
an invaluable service for people in the same situation.

Right now you can go from CATIA to a neutral transfer format such as STEP,
SAT or IGES. You'll need to find a service bureau that can translate that
format into STL on-site.

If you wish to test this innovative site out for free, please email me for
instructions. We are more than happy to ensure that you meet your
engineering needs rapidly and as effectively as possible.

Rachael Dalton-Taggart
PR Manager, Spatial Inc
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CATIA does not export any type of files .stl, .igs, .stp out of the box.
One needs to buy a license from the CATIA vendor to do these translations
and they are not cheap. IGES in/out costs about $6,000, STL in/out costs
another $6,000 and so forth. We use both these translators and they are
Options one has without purchasing the CATIA licenses are:
        SolidView's direct CATIA translator add-on,
        a service like to translate the files
        a service bureau with CATIA licenses to translate the files
Best Regards,
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Hello all,
I have a customer who needs to send me an STL file from Catia. They said
there is no option for exporting to an STL file. Is this true? If not, were
would they find it? Any information would be appreciated.

Travis E. Behara,
Rapid Prototyping Engineer
Tri/Mark Corporation®
New Hampton, IA
Phone: (515)394-1135
Fax: (515)394-2392

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