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We have research projects underway right now to test injection molding and
die casting tooling made from both Selective Laser Sintering and Laser
Engineered Net Shaping. If Fraunhofer would like to get involved in our
research center, we definitely could make tooling for metal injection
molding. There are a number of advantages when making tools this way and we
hope to have a lot of results later this summer and in the fall to help
prove this. We are primarily working with advanced material systems that
will help bring rapid tooling technology to the place of making production
tools instead of bridge tools or prototype tools. See our website and
contact me for more information.
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Hi to all,

have you made experiences using RP to produce moulds for Metal Injection
Moulding (MIM)?
Which technologies have been used, what were the results and benefits and
is need for improvements?
Of interest are especially dimensional accuracy and surface roughness, but
strength and endurance of the tools.

Thanks in advance, best regards,

Dipl.-Ing. Carsten Freyer

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