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In case any of you are interested, there is a company called Aladdin out
of Israel which designs a free desktop anti-virus software which
protects against malicious actions rather than screening out known
viruses which is always a game of catchup.

The following is a press release from Aladdin:

Company Press Release

Security Alert -- the Only Generic Protection
Against LoveLetter Variants Provided by Esafe

Aladdin's free eSafe product is the industry's first anti-vandal
protection system requiring
no updates

CHICAGO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--May 8, 2000-- Aladdin Knowledge Systems
(Nasdaq:ALDN - news)


With more than twelve new variations of the LOVELETTER vandal that
circulated around the globe over the weekend,
millions of PC users and computer networks remain vulnerable despite
their updated anti-virus software. Traditional anti-virus
software providers are scrambling to update their applications every two
hours in order to protect against the fast emerging
mutation of the LoveLetter vandal. This slower process increases the
chances of infection because of the delay between the
variant's discovery and the distribution of updated protection. With a
required update each time a new variant is discovered,
PC users and network administrators are not likely to update frequently
enough, leaving big holes in the computers' security.

The twelve identified variants confirmed so far (VBS.LoveLetter-A
through VBS.LoveLetter-L), include not only variation of
the text in the subject line and body of the email, but more important
changes in the source code of the vandal.

``Because this vandal is written in Visual Basic for Applications, the
source code is exposed to all, and every computer-literate
school-kid is able to make instant changes and create mutations of the
vandal,'' said Shimon Gruper, Executive VP of Internet
Security Technologies at Aladdin. ``The simplicity to make changes in
the code of the vandal is making traditional anti-virus
solutions obsolete. There is absolutely no way to keep up with
anti-virus updates for each such variant and it is simply chasing
one's tail.''


Aladdin offers the first and only generic solution that will block all
current and future vandals traveling as attachments in email
messages. eSafe's simple integration of its patent-pending SandBox
technology blocks all malicious content. Instead of
continuous updates, only one initial customization is required. eSafe
users must follow the instructions on Aladdin's Content
Security Center at:, titled ``How to
configure eSafe to block all script attachments.'' This short
process generically protects users from vandals sent to them through
email attachments.

For up to the hour Emergency Information about the LoveLetter vandal,
and to download a free copy of eSafe Desktop,
please visit Aladdin's website:

To clean up your systems, Aladdin's Content Security Response Team
(CSRT) recommends deleting the following files if you
believe you have been infected:

    Very Funny.vbs

Aladdin's Security Specialists are available for interview about the
dangers of uncontrolled mutation of the original
LOVELETTER vandal and the explanation of the SandBox technology that
generically protects against all such variants.


Aladdin's eSafe product suite, which includes eSafe Desktop, eSafe
Enterprise and eSafe Gateway, provides the most
comprehensive protection available against hostile elements on the
Internet and gives users confidence in their ability to
navigate the Internet safely.

eSafe is the only comprehensive suite of content security solutions on
the market to provide proactive protection from the
gateway to the desktop. It also is the only one to provide Total Sandbox
Quarantine(TM) protection against all forms of
malicious content including viruses, vandals and worms. A unique feature
found only in Aladdin'eSafe solutions, the sandbox
erects a protective wall around vital system files and isolates all
potentially dangerous viruses, vandals and worms in a sterile
environment, preventing them from damaging, infecting or stealing from
system resources.

Much more than anti-virus protection, the eSafe suite of products
enables businesses to:
 block users ability to alter vital system files, thereby

reducing IT maintenance and repair costs.
 stop access to web sites with inappropriate or malicious

content, such as hate literature or pornography, or those

sites known to propagate viruses.
 restrict outgoing emails from sending classified or prohibited



Aladdin is a global leader in securing digital content, from
applications software to Internet use and access. Aladdin's products
include HASP and Hardlock, software security systems that protect the
revenues of developers and publishers; Privilege, a
software licensing platform for the Internet; the eSafe line of
anti-vandal, anti-virus and content filtering software for PCs and
networks connected to the Internet; and eToken for Internet security and
authentication. Aladdin serves its customers through
eight offices located in the world's major software markets as well as a
network of 50 distributors serving more than 100
countries. For more information visit our website at

All trademarks and registered trademarks are the property of their
respective holders.


     Aladdin Knowledge Systems, Inc.
     Tom Crowley, 847/808-0300 ext. 114
     McGrath/Power Public Relations (Press)
     Scott VanSickle, 408/727-0351
     KCSA Worldwide
     Adam Rosen, 212/896-1220 (Investor Relations)

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