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If this list is filled with bad information, than I may have to review my
definitions. The amount of quality information that is available through this
resource is unmatched. How many years of combined experience are available for
questions ranging from the basic to the "masters level".
This is the only outlet I know where people who are in a competitive business
are willing to share what they know openly with anyone who asks.
As far as the viruses go. It happens. Buy a virus scanner and pay attention.
How many MILLIONS of computers went down due to the latest and greatest virus?
Interesting that Mr. Spangler refers to himself as a member of the "SLA Family".
Keep up the good work everyone. Let those who do not see this list for what it
is, exercise there right to the "remove" option and let the rest of us keep
moving forward.

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"Spangler, Michael S" wrote: > > As a recent addition to the SLA family, > > I would like to say that I should have listened to experience. > > and Yes, they told me so!!!! > > I was told that the mailinging list was filled with bad information, not > including viruses and foul language. > > After a few months of evaluation I have found that I spend a majority of my > time deleting emails rather > > than recieving any valuable information. > > Here is a question! > > Is there a cure for the virus that has infected the users of the rpml? > > I will stick with direct correspondance from now on if I want any valid > information. > > And attempt to avoid tuning into Jerry springer and the RPML! > > Scott > > Michael S. Spangler Raytheon Technical > Mechanical Engineer Services Company > Stereolithography Engineering & Production > Mechanical Design Support > & Integration 6125 E. 21st st. (MS 43) > (317) 306-2442 Indianapolis, Indiana > (317) 306-2725 46219-2058 > > For more information about the rp-ml, see

For more information about the rp-ml, see

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