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Date: Wed May 10 2000 - 16:14:16 EEST

Our laser on our 5000 has over 10,000 hours on it, and today is building
with 285 mW power at the vat. Over the time we have had the machine, the
laser has sustained a very uniform degrading curve of power output between
3D Systems' field service visits to "tune" it back up. The most power it had
(early in its life) was 342 mW at the vat after a "tune up". I believe 3D
Systems' guarantee is for 216 mW at the vat.


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rob, we have two SLA-5000 machines and to date the most we were able to
squeeze out of one laser was 6500 hours.
Of that, the last 700 hours or so the power hovered at about 100mw. Another
laser only lasted about 4000 hours
above 120mw, which was then replaced with a laser that failed after only 500
hours. 3D was very good about getting
a warranteed laser put in as soon as possible I might add. I have heard of
lasers going as far as 9-10000 hours
but towards the end the power generally does'nt get very far from 100mw.

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Donovan Weber
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Subject: SLA5000 Laser life

To: RP List,
        Could any of you share with me the life spans you have gotten from
your SLA
5000 lasers.
 I am reviewing the 3-D maintainence plans and trying to evaluate the most
effective plan based on laser life as well as all
other factors. Your input would be greatly appreciated.
                                                Thank You for your input,
                                                        Rob Eichenauer
                                                        BASTECH, Inc.
                                              "A Leader in Rapid
prototyping/Rapid Tooling"

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