Looking for E-mail adresses/DLPD-paper of SME 2000 conference

From: j.gunnink@ind.tno.nl
Date: Wed May 10 2000 - 18:00:51 EEST

Dear rp-friends,

During the last SME conference a very clear and good presentation was given
by Clint Atwood but was made by Jim Sears of Lockheed Martin. It was about
the state of the art in DLPD processes. Unfortunately the paper was not on
the CD-ROM. Now I'm looking for the E-mail address of Clint Atwood or Jim
Sears to get a copy of that very good and clear paper. If they are reading
this please send it to me, if someone knows their E-mail address please send
it to me!

Many thanks from Holland

Jan Willem Gunnink

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