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Date: Fri May 12 2000 - 00:30:34 EEST

Well after three days of work by our PC tech, I am now back up and running
after the virus infected my boot directory. Unfortunately, the solution
required a lot of work which resulted in loosing all of my e-mail history.
Like many of you, I am concerned about opening messages now from the rp/ml.
Frankly, I thought I was being cautious when I was infected. While I have
enjoyed participation in this forum now for almost a year, I am close to
making a decision to withdraw from the group. Perhaps this is the wake-up
call that was needed to raise the notion of creating a different type of
forum for professionals in our industry to correspond and share ideas. I
will visit with some of the key people over the next few weeks off-line.
With no changes, I will most likely and with great reluctance withdraw from
the group.

Ron Jones
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> As a recent addition to the SLA family,
> I would like to say that I should have listened to experience.
> and Yes, they told me so!!!!
> I was told that the mailinging list was filled with bad information, not
> including viruses and foul language.
> After a few months of evaluation I have found that I spend a majority of
> time deleting emails rather
> than recieving any valuable information.
> Here is a question!
> Is there a cure for the virus that has infected the users of the rpml?
> I will stick with direct correspondance from now on if I want any valid
> information.
> And attempt to avoid tuning into Jerry springer and the RPML!
> Scott
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For more information about the rp-ml, see

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