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Date: Fri May 12 2000 - 08:01:53 EEST

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> All,
> Well after three days of work by our PC tech, I am now back up and running
> after the virus infected my boot directory. Unfortunately, the solution
> required a lot of work which resulted in loosing all of my e-mail history.
> Like many of you, I am concerned about opening messages now from the rp/ml.
> Frankly, I thought I was being cautious when I was infected. While I have
> enjoyed participation in this forum now for almost a year, I am close to
> making a decision to withdraw from the group. Perhaps this is the wake-up
> call that was needed to raise the notion of creating a different type of
> forum for professionals in our industry to correspond and share ideas. I
> will visit with some of the key people over the next few weeks off-line.
> With no changes, I will most likely and with great reluctance withdraw from
> the group.
> Ron Jones

Ron and all,

I'm sorry to hear that you've had troubles with viruses. You've propably
been hit with one of those 'Loveletter' -types of viruses (or
similar) that does nasties to your hard drive AND goes through your email
addressbook and sends itself to every single address it can find. You
could have received this kind of a virus Anywhere (form anyone who has
your emailaddress stored in his/hers addressbook), and thus
I think it's a bit hard to blaim rp-ml for your problems. If you receive a
virus from your co-worker via internal email, do you resign from the

No, Seriously. It is true that rp-ml was a channel to a virus, all email
lists are potential channels, infact _All_ emails should be treated as a
potential source for viruses. Keep your virusprotection software up and
updated (lucky us, we didn't have any problems with the latest attacs in
and outside rp-ml - we have set a Rule for our employees to keep their
protection updated). It has been shown that there are evil minded
people who wish to harm you, I'm not one of them. These nasties are all
around us, and the only thing we all can do, is to be prepared.

I'm truly sorry for the trouble this has caused to you or ay other member
of the list. I assure that harming you is not the intention of this list
and I hope that we all learned something from this (an experience good or
bad is wasted if we do not learn anything from it).

I hope you all accept my humble appologies for this.

Yours truly

Hannu Kaikonen <>
 'owner rp-ml'
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