sealing FDM parts

From: Mike de Winter (
Date: Fri May 12 2000 - 18:09:11 EEST

Hello RP-list,

Some days ago a posted a question on how  to make FDM Parts watertight. I did get a lot reactions and I like to thank everyone who responded.

Most suggested to dip the part into a solvend (like MEK or Acetone or weld-on), or to apply a solvend with a brush. This is what I did (with Acetone), but only on the down facing surfaces (because the other surfaces do not leak) and I got a very good result.

Other suggestions where applying a coating or infiltrate the part with epoxy. I did some experiments with epoxy, but results were not good. I just used the epoxy I had on stock and mayby the problem was that this stuff had a too low viscosity. I placed the parts with epoxy in the vacuum chamber, but the layer epoxy on the part was too thick and not constant.

Thanks again and regards,

Mike de Winter
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