Re: Rpoohml

From: Marshall Burns (
Date: Fri May 12 2000 - 19:39:25 EEST

>Well after three days of work by our PC tech, I am now back up and running
>after the virus infected my boot directory. Unfortunately, the solution
>enjoyed participation in this forum now for almost a year, I am close to
>making a decision to withdraw from the group. Perhaps this is the wake-up
>call that was needed to raise the notion of creating a different type of
>forum for professionals in our industry to correspond and share ideas. I


    I don't think you got the virus from the RP-ML. I didn't get any "I Love
You" e-mails (comment on my love life?) and even if I had I simply don't
open attachments if I don't know what they are in advance, so I should have
been safe.

    I wouldn't object to RP-ML becoming or spawning a moderated list, but we
are lucky to have Hannu willing to do the work necessary for this list as it
is. Moderating this traffic would be a huge job. Do you know anyone willing
to take that on or sponsor it?

Best regards,
Marshall Burns
President, Ennex Corporation
Los Angeles, USA, (310) 397-1314

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