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Date: Fri May 12 2000 - 19:53:25 EEST

Will, I've been running the 9100 beta on one of my 500's for the last year or so. My customers really like the look and feel of the parts and the cleanup and finishing are great. I plan to switch over to the production 9100 in the next month or so. Although I can't compete $ wise with outside service bureaus because of my high overhead, you can contract work through Boeing Technology Services (BTS) if you don't come up with a better (read cheaper) alternative. Give me a call if you're interested.

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> is anybody out there running somos 9100 on an sla five thousand? if so,
> please contact me as soon as possible. i would like to get several large
> parts quoted that will ultimately be molded in poly-warpy-lene.
> will pattison
> product development engineer
> ignition
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