SLA5000 Laser For Sale

From: Dave Gruenwald (
Date: Mon May 15 2000 - 22:04:05 EEST

As a result of a decision to exit the RP business, our company has a new
SLA 5000 laser for sale. This is not an aftermarket laser or a
"re-tube". It comes directly from 3D systems complete with a 5,000hr
warranty. If you purchase it , you will have to supply an old core in
exchange and probably enlist the services of 3D systems to de-install
your old laser and install the new one. The asking price is $38,000
($US) or roughly $4,500 less than the current retail price from 3D
systems. If you have an interest or would like to make an offer please
send me an e-mail.


Dave Gruenwald
Progressive Engineering, Inc.
(920) 582-0391

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