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Date: Tue May 16 2000 - 14:39:10 EEST

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In this month's issue of Eureka magazine, there is an article on "Micro Fabrications Rapidly Prototyped" (page 28) showing some interesting stuff from the University of Sussex in the UK.

Website for the mag is
but they don't seem to have updated it with this month's issue yet (still showing April..).

In the meantime here is a quote for those who are interested:

"The end result so far is a 5um minimum feature size. Experiments suggest that the final limiting factors are at present the 1um projected laser spot size and 0.2 to 0.3um minimum resolution by the resin...

Other fabrications include a case for a micro-motor, a micro-prototyped representation of the DNA molecule and a thin spring - all quite impossible to make using silicon micro machining....

Just as LIGA represented a major step forwards in the cost reduction of mass produced micro mechanical components, combining a spatial light modulator SLA or other light-written RP techniques represents a major step forwards.

Nanofabrication is within reach within the foreseeable future."

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