DSM SOMOS 7100 Green Strength --- NEED HELP AND DESPERATE ----

From: KDenton@williams-int.com
Date: Tue May 16 2000 - 21:12:59 EEST

Hello All,

We recently put DSM SOMOS in one of our SLA-500s and after running Accumax
and double checking all of my build parameters my parts are coming out great
except for one thing...EXTREEMLY WEAK GREEN STRENGTH! Would those of you
that are running this material please let me know what DP and Ec values you
are running. Also since the Accumax change my laser seems to be running at
a significantly lower power then what I would have expected. My current Dp
and Ec values are 5.6 and 9.1. The standard for the resin is 5.6 and 10 and
the parts came out just as fragile as they are now.

Any suggestions would be helpful, well not any but if they are related to
this topic it would help!

Thanks in advance for the help!

Karl Denton
Lead Engineer
Williams International

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