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For plotted contours, I have used a product called Draftsman+ from Arbor
Image. It does a reasonably good job of vectorizing a scanned image. Once
vectorized, you can export as DXF, IGES, etc. Be aware that there is always
some manual cleanup to do. Sometimes it's easier to import a scanned image
into your CAD package (AutoCAD can do this) then manually trace the loft
line contours.

If all you have now are ASCII point files, I recommend Cadkey with Fastsurf.
Fastsurf has a very good ASCII Import utility that will create splines
through the points.

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> Dear members,
> Does anybody know if there is software available to convert loft
> line data points or loft line equations into an iges file or some similar
> format? Any info will be greatly appreciated.
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