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Thanks for your response. I think I will have to contact EOS about this one.


Nigel Warden
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>Dear Nigel:
>The Charpy test results were obtained by dividing the absorbed energy with
>the cross section area of the notched section. Therefore you got the unit
>of J/m2. The Izod test gives you the impact resistance that is measured
>dividing the absorbed energy with the specimen width, resulting in the unit
>of J/m. To compare the Izod results with that of Charpy's, you need to
>only the depth of the Izod impact specimen at the notch section which is
>normally 10.2 mm according to the Standard. Therefore, If you divide the
>Izod results with .0102m, then you should have a comparable figure with
>of Charpy's.
>However, when you use this method to convert the results given in your
>message, you get roughly 21 kJ/m2 for the DTM materials, which is roughly
>order of magnitude difference. I do not know why. Maybe the DTM material
>is 10 times stronger than that of EOS'. Hope this helps.
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> Subject: impact strength unit conversion
> Dr Igor Shishkovsky,
> Thankyou for replying to my question. I am not quite sure
>what your reply is
> telling me though.
> I have an example of what I am trying to achieve.
> American standard ASTM D256:-
> Impact strength test (Notched Izod) on laser sintered
>Polyamide material
> supplied by DTM corp. provides a result of 214 J/m.
> European standard DIN 53453:-
> Notched impact strength test (Charpy) on laser sintered
>Polyamide material
> supplied by EOS (GmbH) provides a result of 3 kJ/m2.
> How can I convert the EOS result into the same units as the
>DTM result?
> Which has the greater impact strength?
> Regards,
> Nigel Warden
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