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I have been in contact with two people in particular.

The first contact is:-

Liu, Xing Yang Ph.D.
Research Officer
Integrated Manufacturing Technologies Institute
National Research Council of Canada.

Liu stated that:-

The Charpy test results were obtained by dividing the absorbed energy with
the cross section area of the notched section. Therefore you got the unit
of J/m2. The Izod test gives you the impact resistance that is measured by
dividing the absorbed energy with the specimen width, resulting in the unit
of J/m. To compare the Izod results with that of Charpy's, you need to know
only the depth of the Izod impact specimen at the notch section which is
normally 10.2 mm according to the Standard. Therefore, If you divide the
Izod results with .0102m, then you should have a comparable figure with that
of Charpy's.

The second contact is:-

Rick Kondel
Analytical Chemist
Plastics Technology Labs
Pittsfield, MA 01201.

Rick stated that:-

You really can't compare numbers between the two tests because they use
different specimen sizes and notch depths. Results obtained from ASTM
testing do not correlate with ISO or DIN testing. If you want to convert
ASTM test results (J/m) to ISO or DIN (kJ/m2) do the following:

Divide J/m by the second dimension in the test, 0.0102m (0.40in). This
will give you J/m2. Divide this value by 1000 (1000J/kJ) to get kJ/m2.

I hope this information will help.


Nigel Warden

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