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Thanks for your help.


Nigel Warden

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>You really can't compare numbers between the two tests because they use
>different specimen sizes and notch depths. Results obtained from ASTM
>testing do not correlate with ISO or DIN testing. If you want to convert
>ASTM test results (J/m) to ISO or DIN (kJ/m2) do the following:
>Divide J/m by the second dimension in the test, 0.0102m (0.40in). This
>will give you J/m2. Divide this value by 1000 (1000J/kJ) to get kJ/m2.
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>>Dear Sir/Madam,
>>I would like to know how to convert ASTM D256 impact strength readings of
>>J/m into European DIN 53453 impact strength readings of kJ/m2 and Visa
>>I am currently into the final year project for my M.Sc. degree on Rapid
>>Prototyping (RP), and am compiling a list of various RP manufacturers and
>>the materials they currently offer. The list contains material properties
>>but these are difficult to compare when some readings are in J/m and
>>others are in kJ/m2..
>>I would be grateful of any help on this matter ASAP..
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