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My name is Dr. Stephen Schmitt and I am a prosthodontist. During my time as
Chairman, Department of Prosthodotics for the Air Force Graduate
Prosthodontic program, I was very involved in dental imaging and
manufacturing of dental and medical devices. We created a digital imaging
facility with CT, MRI, laser scanning, contact digitizing and also the
ability to produce parts with our SAL 500 and two titanium casting machines.
I have since retired and formed a company called Tel Med Technologies with an
orthopedic surgeon who also has an orthopedic company. We produce dental
implant parts and use EDM (spark erosion) to create precise custom
restorations. We also have an imaging system to create custom castable RP
parts and then create a 10-20 micron fit using EDM.

I have used CT to produce SLA parts of the head and neck for neuro, plastics
and oral surgery. There are many areas that rp can be used in dentistry and
medicine. My main interest is small format, small parts and so am interested
in the Sanders machine and possibly the new light cured ink jet system if it
works well.

Stephen M, Schmitt DDS, MS

16119 Deer Crest
San Antonio, TX 78248

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