Re: Control Metal Build Up

From: Carsten Freyer (
Date: Tue May 23 2000 - 10:13:05 EEST

Dear Jan, dear List,

just found it ;-)

For any information required, comments or questions about CMB please contact me
directly here at Fraunhofer IPT. Unfortunately we have no detailed information
on our website yet which is actually in an updating process, but I hope it will
be fixed soon....


Dipl.-Ing. Carsten Freyer

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Dear RP & T-friends,

Who can help me with more information (e.g. WEB_SITE) on CMB. This technology is developed by Fraunhofer-IPT and is being commercialised at Roders for some time now.

Many thanks if someone can help me in a rapid way!

Jan Willem

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