RE: bad ProE to stl?

From: Neil Hopkinson (
Date: Tue May 23 2000 - 18:39:11 EEST

One possibility is to import your IGES file into Magics software by
Materialise. I have had bad STL files which can be fixed automatically (but
be careful not to lose fine features) using Magics. A recent example had
35000 bad edges in STL format but I was able to clean it up mostly
automatically but also with some manual fixing in 1/2 a day.

Hope this helps

Neil Hopkinson

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Subject: bad ProE to stl?

hello everyone,
a customer asked me, how to export a bad Pro Engineer part to a
he wasn't able to do so in ProE because of several problems with
surfaces and edges.
there is no chance to repair the ProE part completly in time (1000
has anybody of you had a similar problem in the past? are there any
tools which can import a bad ProE or iges-part and exports this as a
stl-part in a better way than ProE does? there is no need to have a
perfect stl-file, because the rp-part would be scaled down, which means
that small features wouldn't be buildt, anyway.

thanks in advance,

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