Re: bad ProE to stl?

Date: Wed May 24 2000 - 01:12:34 EEST

One way to deal with problem Pro/E parts that won't easily STL out is to
locate the problem point and "bury" it. (although I have found that version
2000i's on-the-fly STL output repair function has never failed me.)

Locate the problem point, usually a very small sliver of surface that is
going "degenerate," then create a revolved protrusion centered at or near the
problem area. Make the cross section a half circle, resulting in your
protrusion being a sphere. Adjust, if needed, the sphere diameter so that it
"swallows" the problem area and allows the STL output. You can use a STL file
editor afterwards to remove the sphere's triangles from the STL file if
needed but I usually find that the sphere ends up being too small to even
locate in the built SLA part.

Note that this method can also be used to solidify imported surface files
that have holes or leaks, as long as a solid covers the gap Pro/E will make a
solid from the quilt. You can then use some cuts to get rid of the "plug."


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