RE: CAE output file

From: James Carruthers (
Date: Wed May 24 2000 - 21:50:00 EEST

Hi Larry,

I would say there's simply nothing available beyond what you're doing now,
at least not without an excessive amount of work.

James Carruthers
Hydraulic Design
--3D Modeling and Design
--Rhinoceros 3D Reseller
> Chris,
> I think that you misunderstand what I am looking for.
> I can already export a color VRML file of the FEA result using only one
> fringe display setting.
> Let's say I wish to show how a model deforms under load while also showing
> the developing stresses in color gradients. The VRML file that I
> can export
> will only be a "snapshot" of the model at some point in the
> load/deformation
> range that I choose.
> What I would like to create is a dynamic model display that
> perhaps combines
> a series of these VRML "Snapshot" files so that I can not only rotate the
> model, but also cycle it through its load/deformation range (slide-bar
> control of load/stress).
> I can also currently record an MPG file of the process, but it cannot be
> paused and rotated to give a different view.
> I can do this in my FEA modeler software but it's not portable because I
> only have a limited number of licenses and systems capable of running the
> code.
> >>Thanks in advance.
> >>Regards,
> >>Dan Davis

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