Re: Illuminating material

Date: Thu May 25 2000 - 17:58:34 EEST

Chris, Steve et al,

My original message dealt with the clear to opaque material 3M made for the
residential window glazing market. We called it "Privacy Film" and it was sold
through US window manufacturers such as Anderson Windows as I recall. In doing
some checking, I find 3M exited this business last year though apparently we are
still taking calls on the product. I have asked 3M's product manager to respond
with information or alternate sources of supply for Steve.

The material Chris and Glyn refer to is another 3M product we developed call
Durel. We sell th ematerial directly to the automotive industry for dash
instrumentation illumination. Durel is a joint venture of 3M's and the Rogers
corporation and handles inquiries for all other market applications. Perhaps the
biggest market for the material outside of automotive is for LCD watch
backlights. The most common device is the Timex Indiglo watch face. The Durel/3M
films glow with a "bluish" light when charged with a voltage source. The contact
at Durel for non automotive sales and marketing information is Chris Shoal.
Chris can be reached at 480-917-6202. For automotive applications, I'd suggest
starting at the 800-3MHELPS (800-364-3557) number and they can give you the
direct contact.

     Pat McGuire
     3M Company
     Microreplication Technology Center
     St Paul, MN

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