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From: R. Eric \ (
Date: Fri May 26 2000 - 23:33:27 EEST

Dear List,

Several of you have called; and asked us to perform a "PM" cleaning, and

evaluate the "through put" of your machines. For those of you who have
checked this recently, we recommend that you do so. A higher throughput
(of 80-90%), will improve your build times, increase your Argon laser
and lower your electricity bill.

We recommend checking this stat, at least once a month. Once a week is
the best. Keep a "log" book, or record on the machine. History of the
power levels, is the best way to forecast laser degradation. (On any

This check takes less than 15 minutes, and can save you thousands of

The power at the vat divided by the power from the laser, will show you
the % throughput, (& the % of loss) from your optics. (Which you all

To read the Argon laser power, you may use an external power meter
(which is recommended), or use the power reading on the laser's remote.
The laser remote may not be as accurate. The signal arrives from an
"pick-off" which takes a small fraction of the laser power, and feeds it
a photo-cell. We have found these optics to be very dirty on several
that were returned to us, which means that some FE's haven't been
them on their "PM" visits.

To read the vat power, please use the same external power meter. Once
the reading from your SLA machine will work to a point, but it all
depends upon
the last FE, and how well they set the calibration, or cleaned the
sensor. Lately
we have seen alot of machines that are way out of calibration.

Best regards,

Eric King

Laser Innovations
668 Flinn Avenue
Suite #22
Moorpark, CA 93021-2074
805.529.5864 tel
805.529.6358 fax

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