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Date: Sun May 28 2000 - 13:41:02 EEST

Press Release
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 BMT enters into Distribution Agreement with Helisys

 (Koblenz/Torrance/CA, USA) Just on time for the company's 1st anniversary, Hans-Jürg Buss and Jürgen F. Müller, Managing Directors of Buss Müller Technology GmbH, Koblenz, announce that BMT has entered into a Distribution Agreement with Helisys, Inc., 24015 Garnier Street, Torrance, CA 90505, USA,


With this agreement, Helisys appoints BMT exclusively to sell, distribute and service its products in Germany, Austria, Poland and in the region of German-speaking Switzerland. The idea to expand BMT's product portolio by listing the Helisys-LOM systems has been initiated by Gerhard Kräutner, Head of Sales, who joined BMT on 1st February.

On conclusion of the new agreement the Managing Directors of BMT succeed in achieving a further step to realize their prestigeous aim to advance to the leading Rapid Prototyping company in Europe.

In the 2nd year of operation, BMT strives for a turnover of 10 mio. Euros. Besides the development of its own trademark products, which are going to be produced next year in Koblenz, BMT is offering comprehensive production line solutions when ideas take form.


For more information please contact: Buss Müller Technology GmbH


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