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Date: Tue May 30 2000 - 15:22:13 EEST

Dear rp-ml-ers,

A few weeks back I used this list to inquire for the sheets of
Peter Marks presentation at this years RP&M conference of the SME.
I am very happy that he did respond to my request, and emailed the
sheets as a PDF file. We have put the file on our DeskProto
website (download-articles):
where anyone interested can download it to have a look.
Thanks again Peter for sharing !

The presentation is subtitled 'Nine Things to do in 2000', and gives
9 fascinating ideas about the important role the RP technologies will
play in the new century. Do note that the file contains copyrighted
information: only use it for reading (no 'reprinting' without permission).

One of the sources that Peter mentions in the conferences proceedings
is an article by Michael Schrage of MIT. From this same author now a
book is available called "Serious play: How the worlds best companies
simulate to innovate" I bought this book (available at Amazon), and
it does offer VERY fascinating reading material indeed. Schrage argues
that models are absolutely needed for real innovations, not so much
because they can answer questions (which is currently the aim of most
prototypes), but because they will induce new questions, and because they
will stimulate the social interaction needed (the 'play'). Before I have
advocated the importance of Concept Models (see my own article
'DeskProto: redefining concept modelling') in this book the true
meaning and importance of concept models is shown beyond any doubt.
Obviously I cannot explain the complete book in a few lines, I can only say
that the book is a must for any serious designer/prototyper/innovator.

When you are there to download, do feel free to browse around a bit
further on our website,
which has been completely redesigned recently. If I may, I want to
especially recommend the LINKS pages, offering many interesting links
on RP and a few closely related subjects.

Hope to have been of service,

Best Regards,

Lex Lennings.

>Hi Lex,
>A copy of the Powerpoint slides in Adobe PDF format is attached. "Changing
>impossible" was my intention. Since many of the images belong to company
>owners, I want to be sure the notices stay attached and that the level of
>distribution stays within fair use guideline.
>Best regards, Peter

>Last month during the RP&M conference in Rosemont I was very
>impressed by the keynote speech of Peter Marks, emphasising the
>great importance of physical models in product development.
>After the conference I was disappointed to find only a very brief
>(1 page) article in the proceedings, covering only a small part of
>the presentation.
>My question is: would it be possible to make available the sheets
>that were used ? They do not cover the great interactive style of
>presenting, still they are very worthwhile and deserve a larger

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