vacuum deposition of aluminum on SLA parts?

Date: Tue May 30 2000 - 23:24:11 EEST

We have a need to metalize our SLA parts (5220 resin) with aluminum. We are
trying to achieve the best reflectivity possible on our Sterelithpgraphy
parts. We have tried chrome electroplating and although the results have
been good for customer sampling, they are not sufficient for testing
purposes. It looks like vacuum deposition of aluminum would be the best
candidite for this. We would prefer to find a vendor in the States that can
do this with fast turn times, or someone who can offer an alternative for
maximum reflectivity (in the 550-650nm range). Once again, any help with
this would be appreciated...

Keith Kruetzfeldt
Engineering Service Manager
Agilent Technologies, San Jose CA

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