Announcing Free RP Patents Web Searching

Date: Thu Jun 01 2000 - 00:18:23 EEST


We are pleased to announce another major information resource for the RP
community on the Castle Island web site.

You can now search the entire US RAPID PROTOTYPING PATENT DATABASE without
charge. There are more than 525 US Patents in the database and itís complete
through 5/2/00. The database covers all facets of RP including, processes,
materials, all types of applications, tooling and production, and software.

You can search by keyword, inventor(s), assignees, Boolean expressions, and
many other ways. Search results are linked directly to the US Patent Office
and IBM Patent web sites so that full text and drawings can easily be

As previously announced, you can also browse the most recent RP patents,
including important drawings, using the RP PATENT ALERT NEWSLETTER on our web
site. With the addition of this patent material, there is now the equivalent
of more than 650 printed pages of information about rapid prototyping on the
Castle Island web site. Placed end to end the pages would be about twice as
tall as the Statue of Liberty in New York harbor.

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Prototyping Resources</A>

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click the PATENTS button or use the direct link on that page.

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Castle Island Co.
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Arlington, MA 02474 USA
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