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Date: Thu Jun 01 2000 - 20:57:40 EEST

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>the solution. The RPML contains an enormous fund of knowledge and even a lot
>of phone numbers. That's why I have saved almost every message for the last
>5 years.

I never throw an email away.............unless it it pure junk or one that
makes me angry. Somewhere I have all the RPML postings. There should be an
easy way to do this but like you I became very tired quickly. Somehow the
rewards never matched the job...come to think no job ever does.

No Dick would not have gotten the benchmark done....remember he did the IMS
thing and that information was used primarily by those that paid for
it. Floyd Roberts of NASA was head of a NIST committee to get an ASTM
standard approved but while participation was light it never gathered
enough steam to get the job done.

I think that Tom Sorovetz had benchmark project but I even gave up on him
after asking for a few months for more details. We had discussed using
universities to gather data via a benchmark part. Fred Stienbauer and I
were getting ideas together on a similar note when he went to join
Dick..... wonder if I am next since many ideas died a quick and quiet death.


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