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You can't be next Elaine, we need you here on the rp-ml to keep things
stirred up - otherwise we'd fall asleep too often.....

Glenn Whiteside

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> At 01:24 PM 6/1/00 -0400, you wrote:
> >the solution. The RPML contains an enormous fund of knowledge and even a
> >of phone numbers. That's why I have saved almost every message for the
> >5 years.
> I never throw an email away.............unless it it pure junk or one that
> makes me angry. Somewhere I have all the RPML postings. There should be
> easy way to do this but like you I became very tired quickly. Somehow the
> rewards never matched the job...come to think no job ever does.
> No Dick would not have gotten the benchmark done....remember he did the
> thing and that information was used primarily by those that paid for
> it. Floyd Roberts of NASA was head of a NIST committee to get an ASTM
> standard approved but while participation was light it never gathered
> enough steam to get the job done.
> I think that Tom Sorovetz had benchmark project but I even gave up on him
> after asking for a few months for more details. We had discussed using
> universities to gather data via a benchmark part. Fred Stienbauer and I
> were getting ideas together on a similar note when he went to join
> Dick..... wonder if I am next since many ideas died a quick and quiet
> Elaine
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