RTM composite producer

From: Richard March (thehardhat@earthlink.net)
Date: Fri Jun 02 2000 - 05:23:12 EEST

We are in need of an RTM producer, as versus prototyping, with specific
experience and specialty in producing RTM composite/fiber reinforced small
parts. Verifiable references are required. The parts are to be produced
using S-glass woven fiberglass fabric in an acrylic modified ployester MEKP
actuated resin manufactured by Reichold using two part hard tooling and low
pressure injection with gel-coat surfacing. The parts are to be
transparent versus translucent, dye colored as versus pigmented, clearly
displaying the fabric. For this pupose an appropriate vail may be
necessary, although precolored fabric is preferable. Twelve distinctly
different parts averaging approximately the size of the human hand are
required for each assembly. All parts are to be manufactured to a brief
but specific and detailed list of specifications with all materials either
sourced, provided, or approved by the client Project Manager. Each part
must be suitable for assembly immediately after production without post
production treatment. All files now exist in Solid Works CAD
format. Reponsibility for production of SLA masters is undetermined but
may be delegated to the producer and will require approval of the Project
Manager prior to use. Competitive exact cost quotes reflecting volume
pricing are required versus estimates or other undefined open ended
approaches. Gaurenteed production to specifications, number of assemblies
produced, and exact delivery dates within 30 days are required. Technical
rationalizations compromising any requirements prior to or during
production are unaccepatable. Execution and exchange of non disclosure
agreements and positive feedback from direct contact with references will
be necessary.

The project involves two simultaneous lines of development and production,
a major recreational consumer use and a non-recreational public agency
use. Initial production will be approximately 100 assemblies as a proof of
production process demonstration. The latter use is ultimately projected
as 100,000 units for a major existing manufacturing client and may require
the use of kevlar/epoxy versus S-glass. Production volume in stages for
the former use is estimated at a similar number.

Richard March, Project Manager, 3 Tex, Inc.
        Richard March, 3 Tex, Inc. <www.3tex.com>
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