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Date: Fri Jun 02 2000 - 20:20:28 EEST

  The WaterWorks system has really improved our finishing of parts. It makes
it very simple to get the support completely off, no more blades or
scrapers. Just pull off loose support and from there it's a hands-off
process while the parts sit in the bath.
  As far as part quality however, I would have to say that there is some
degradation. The WaterWorks material is very sticky and tends to stick to
the tips, eventually falling off who-knows-where, sometimes on the part. And
if you're building in white, that means that you'll have a little string of
dark-brown running through your nice white part. It doesn't look too good
although there usually aren't any functional problems associated with this
  Throughput? Well, I suppose finishing throughput might be increased. But
there's no decrease in build time associated with WaterWorks.


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I am looking for user's feedback on FDM 3000 with

Specifically, how do user's feel about the WaterWorks

Users with FDM 3000 and other FDM systems (without
WaterWorks), do you feel WaterWorks has significantly
imrpoved part quality and throughput ?

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