RE: e-mail for Ian Gibson

From: SiderWhite (
Date: Tue Jun 06 2000 - 03:39:36 EEST

> >preference towards case studies rather than benchmarks, but believe
> >benchmarks also have their worth. Do you want me to explore this further?
> >We could have a benchmark study, the results being available through the
> >GARPA network.
> >
> >Will you be in Austin? Perhaps we can discuss it there.

> I plan to be there unless things change.... I think what everyone wants
> a part or group of parts that have known and expected results regardless
> material or machine. This will be difficult to achieve since in the past
> vendors have been the biggest stumbling block. GARPA would do this if
> results could be verified. that was what was wrong with DIck Aubin's IMS
> study...the parts were made by vendors and could never be verified nor
> would they let data be published.
> We need to start somewhere......

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