Re: 3D STL MAchining software

From: Tom Richards (
Date: Wed Jun 07 2000 - 11:11:23 EEST

Lillian: I just bought a used Light CNC desktop miller; enroute to me as we
speak. I need good but economical CNC milling software too, for more than
just pocketing and drilling. I also need to machine complex surfaces from 3D
CAD files of parts. Please keep in touch.

At 12:09 PM 6/6/00 PDT, you wrote:
>Has anyone had any experience with millwizard, Delcam's
>3D CNC machining software? The software appears to be a
>free download and it can certainly load and machine my
>STL models.
>I'm using a MicroMill CNC machine to cut plastic prototypes
>that are approx. 100mm square.
>Thanx. L.
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