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Date: Thu Jun 08 2000 - 10:38:01 EEST

Dear rp-ml

As you may or may not know, GARPA is the Global Alliance of RP
Associations. Running for just over 2 years, GARPA aims to support and
promote the development of RP around the world. This is done in numerous
ways like focus sessions at international conferences, the annual GARPA
summit meeting, newsletters, information sheets, case study web sites and
CDROMs. In the future, GARPA also hopes to expand activities by endorsing
conferences and meetings and initiating international collaborative projects.

GARPA needs a logo that visualises the above ideals. Therefore, along with
the other GARPA member associations, I am announcing this competition. The
rules are simple:-

- the competition is open to anyone in a GARPA represented country. However
entry must be via their local RP association. The representatives can be
found at the GARPA web site ( Only one entry will be
accepted from each association. GARPA associations will be responsible for
choosing that entry (possibly by local competition).
- the original design must be an STL version from a solid model,
accompanied by a 2D format rendered image in a widely accepted format (gif,
jpg, etc.). The logo may be incorporated into letterheads and web sites, so
avoid too much complexity.
- the deadline for submission is August 31st 2000. Judging will made by
GARPA representatives of member associations. The judges decision will be
- the prize will be a special commemorative plaque, incorporating the new
logo design, made using RP technology at the University of Hong Kong. The
winner will also receive a copy of Terry Wohlers 'RP State of the Industry'
report. The logo will also be incorporated into all further GARPA activities.

Once again, to find more about GARPA and to find out who your local
representative is, visit

Any further questions, please contact me, but don't expect a reply until
after the Tokyo RP conference.



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