RE: thermojet clean up

Date: Thu Jun 08 2000 - 10:24:28 EEST


With reference to the mail sent to you by Giorgos Hatzilias, section 2
- Hot air smoothing, this is another method that I tried. We use a
similar butane torch to assist sand sintered parts. I found that this
process did not give as good results as the hot air gun did. The
processing time was long, thin shells and webs tended to collapse, edge
definitions were lost, the wax can suffer from running (leaving an
uneven section) and a puddle (similar to that at the end of a weld) can
result when taking the heat source away from the wax. The process
required far more skill (and a bit of luck) than the other processes.
The only other problem is that some areas of the model can not be
processed in this way due to the lack of access.

The results otherwise are good and the processed surfaces of the wax
seems to be slightly tougher than that of the original model, but I
didn't do any tests to verify this.

Hope this is of use to you, it's certainly a process which is worth
trying, especially if you only want to smooth the support area of a
fairly flat section.

Mick Priest

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