RP material properties

From: Nigel Warden (Nigel.Warden@nationwideisp.net)
Date: Fri Jun 09 2000 - 11:13:08 EEST

Dear rp-ml,

Does anyone out there have any data or know of anyone who has data regarding
the hardness (Shore D or N/mm2) of LPH or MRP LOM paper and DTM's DuraForm
PA Polyamide?

I have contacted Helisys, Sibco and DTM, but they don't appear to have this

I also need to know of a reputable materials testing lab in the UK so that I
can get some impact tests performed to the ASTM D256 standard on EOS's PA
2200 Polyamide. I know that EOS provide their data in kJ/m2, but I need to
have the results in J/m so that I can compare the impact strength of the EOS
Polyamide to that of the DTM Polyamide.

DTM, like most American RP manufacturers, provide their impact strength data
in J/m to the ASTM D256 standard.

I would be grateful of any help in these matters.


Nigel Warden

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