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Michael, what about scan speeds? Are you slowing down the outline scan speed?

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Mary (and Brian and rpml),

In an effort to improve accuracy on my 2000's without sacrificing speed, I've been experimenting around a bit with the outline function in duraform. I'm running a fill laser power of 9 watts with .015 scan spacing and .012 offset, coupled with 2 outlines at 2 watts and .008 offset. I've got some suggestions and questions.

First, do you have any better parameters to suggest?

Why does it appear that I have to run 2 outlines to get the outline to work? (or am I missing something?)

I presume the fill offsets are still taken from the edge of the part. I've noticed that the lead-in and exit fill raster scans across a part do not seem to line up at the edge of the part. What's the best way to adjust this? I feel if I could control this a little better, I might be able to bump the fill scan spacing up to .02 inch.

There is a lot of time wasted while the laser switches power twice for every part. Is there any way to tell the machine to fill all the parts first, then come back and outline all the parts. And, is all this power level switching wearing out my laser?

And, while you're at it. I still occasionally wish for 4 place visual control of feed rates as well as the refeed function for those 16 inch builds I used to do prior to NT.


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