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Date: Fri Jun 09 2000 - 19:45:00 EEST

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Dear Hannu:

I didn't ask permission and I want to apologize for that. I thought of
posting the files on the spur of the moment as a response to Elaine's voting
list. I did post my suggestion to do this to the list, however, but didn't
get a response from you which I would have expected if you objected. A
number of people said they really would love to have a local archive - so I
did it since I had most of the stuff in this form anyway.

As for the jokes, that request for money is a JOKE! I have saved most of the
joke files separately, but in doing the work I noticed a lot of the early
ones are actually in the archives anyway. In the remote chance that anybody
bites, I hereby promise to send you half the proceeds. The one requisite is
that money must amount to more than the postage and fee for the check to send
it. Next time you are in the US, drop by and we can visit the Corvette
dealer up the street to pick out matching cars.

My estimate is that we'll have one customer over the next 2 years some time.
Experience so far is that it's pretty tough to get people to cough up money
for even an important service. At some point I was actually thinking that it
would be fun to post the jokes as the "Wit and Wisdom of the RPML" (with
extra lawyer jokes to meet statutory requirements). (Any objection? It won't
happen for a long time, if ever.) But it's more fun at the moment to see if
anybody goes for the joke. The mail hasn't arrived today so tension is

Thanks for pointing out the mistake on HUT. I forgot about that.

The RPML is a great thing and you are to be commended for your work. I hope
you are not too upset with me, and also that you are not already planning
your future based on the proceeds from our joint venture.

Thanks again and best regards,

Ed Grenda
Castle Island Co.
19 Pondview Road
Arlington, MA 02474 USA
781-646-6280 (voice or fax) (email)

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<< Ed,
 a couple of comments.
> The data, the names, the flames - Oh, the humanity! The Compleat Rapid
> Prototyping Mailing List Archive is on the air.
 Hmmm. You did ask for permission to use the material didn't you?
 Well, if you want to go thorough the trouble to publish something anyone
 has access either through or it's clearly your problem... For now anyway.
> You can now have every posting to the RPML for the last 5+ years on your
> hard drive. It's FREE ! More data than you thought you wanted or needed.
 Anything related to the rp-ml is FREE ! If someone is going to get paid
 for this, I think I'm the first one on the line (even I do not get paid
 for the administration).
 Therefore I find it Very Disturbing that you are selling out the
 rp-ml jokes. I do not think that you or any other company or individual
 has the right to sell out any messages sent to rp-ml. ANd if such a right
 excists, I think I - as the owner and administrator of rp-ml - have it.
> In the words of Hannu Kaikonen, Glorious RPML Listowner, "Share and Enjoy"
 Thank you for your kind words. I have to confess: the words 'Share and
 Enjoy' are used in a book of Douglas Adams, The Hitchhikers guide to
 the galaxy. But I do not think he has patented the frase.
 And yet another comment, at your web page you state that rp-ml site is
 at Helsinki University. Unfortunately that is not quite true. There is a
 thing called Helsinki University, and we have very little in common, the
 real place for rp-ml is Helsinki University of Technology (a bit
 confucing? -yep, but nothing we can do about it).
 Have a nice one!
 Yours truly
 Hannu Kaikonen <>
  'owner rp-ml'
 *Share and Enjoy!*

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