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Date: Mon Jun 12 2000 - 19:59:52 EEST

Mr. Henderson,

Helisys would be glad to work with you on providing answers to any
questions that you might have. Helisys provides a variety of field
services for all of our systems. In addition, Helisys provides
comprehensive training courses, upgrades, supplies and spare parts.

I will contact you separately to discuss your needs in detail.


Ed Burke
Director, Customer Service Operations
Helisys Inc.
1000 E. Dominguez Carson, CA 90746-3608
310 630-8840 ext. 223

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Subject: LOM

To any and all LOM users, past and present,

We have found that an aerospace company plans to donate a LOM to us that
they aren't using. I would like some input from some of you experienced
users about the expected maintenance costs and parts availability for a
I'm not sure of the model number or age of the machine or whether the
is working or not. Can anyone tell me the cost to put in a new laser in
case this one is shot? Also, what is the viability of Helisys at the
present time?

John Irvin at NECO put out a similar request to this on March 22. John
you let me know what kind of feedback you got, too? Thanks.

Mark Henderson
Dept. of Industrial Engineering
Arizona State University
Tempe, AZ 85287-5906
(602)965-8692 FAX

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