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From: Phillip Ostwald (phillip.ostwald@colorado.edu)
Date: Mon Jun 12 2000 - 20:25:31 EEST

        My name is Phil Ostwald, and I am a retired professor from the University
of Colorado, USA, Department of Mechanical Engineering. I am the author of
two textbooks, Manufacturing Processes and Systems (9th Edition, Wiley
Publishers), and Engineering Cost Estimating (3rd Edition, Prentice Hall).
        The Manufacturing Processes Book is the longest currently published book
in its field, and probably 20% of the readers have had it as college text
if they took a course in this field. The book has been translated into
Chinese, Spanish and other languages.
        The Engineering Cost Estimating book is the leading book in this very
narrow textbook field.
        I am starting to revise the books now, as they are out of date for rapid
prototyping processes. Indeed, stereolithography is given only 1/2 of a
page in the 9th edition. I am planning to enlarge it to a full chapter in
the manufacturing book.
        I am planning to give cost models for the RP field in the cost estimating
book. These models are very general, the sources are not stated, and there
is always of bit of fiction for these very descriptive cost models.
        My books are characterized by references to equations, tables, and numeric
and analytic models that relate to technical and manufacturing processes.
        With this as background I would be very grateful for information on the
following processes: SLA, SLS, LOM, FDM, and Keltool applications:

        1. Equations, time tables of processing time for the processes.

        2. Flow charts of the processes.
         I am very grateful for this information. The books will be published
within the next couple of years.

        Incidentally, look me up in Amazon.Com, and you can verify my publication

My grateful thanks for any information.

Phillip F. Ostwald
Emeritus Professor of Mechanical
  and Industrial Engineering
University of Colorado at Boulder

Mailing address:
6682 Whaley Drive
Boulder, CO 80303 4332

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303 494 3806 (requires prior notification)

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303 494 3806

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