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At 11:25 AM 6/12/00 -0600, you wrote to the RP mailing list:
> ...
> I am starting to revise the books now, as they are out of date
> for rapid
>prototyping processes. Indeed, stereolithography is given only 1/2 of a
>page in the 9th edition. I am planning to enlarge it to a full chapter in
>the manufacturing book.
> With this as background I would be very grateful for information
> on the
>following processes: SLA, SLS, LOM, FDM, and Keltool applications:

Dear Phil,

Obviously we agree that current RP technologies need to be given
attention in any current manufacturing textbook. Reason for sending you
this email (and copying it to rpml) is that you only focus on a few
Layered Manufacturing Technologies. These additive processes are just
one way of RP: do not forget to include the subtractive processes.

As many rpml-ers will know my 'mission' is having plain old CNC milling
generally accepted as an RP technology. Rapid Prototyping is about
creating physical models from 3D CAD data, and CNC milling sure is
a competing technology. A complete coverage of advantages and
disadvantages of both CNC and LMT can be found in the paper
"Selecting Either Layered Manufacturing or CNC Machining to Build Your
Prototype." written for the RP&M 2000 conference last April. You can
download a copy from

Best Regards,

Lex Lennings

Delft Spline Systems, The Netherlands.
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