Re: VRML 1.0 and OpenInventor 1.0 text files -> FORM Z

From: Bill Bedford (
Date: Wed Jun 14 2000 - 12:04:49 EEST

At 12:16 am -0500 14/06/00, Jonathan Chertok wrote:

>I have an OpenInventor V1.0 ascii text file which I am attempting to
>import into Form Z or Autocad.
>I have been told that I can change "OpenInventor" to "VRML" in a
>text editor and I should be able to open it.
>I haven't done this kind of text operation before and am unfamiliar
>with this process. I assume Microsoft Word is not able to accomplish
>this on my MAC, nor it seems can SimpleText handle the size of the
>file. What text editor should I use?

Best are either Alpha , or BBEdit
Alpha is shareware, BBedit is commercial but there is a freeware Lite version

>Do I just double click on the text file once the graphics program is open?
Open the file from inside the text editor, make your changes, save.
Then open or import it from Form Z etc.

>Anybody mind telling me how to do this with specifics?
>The file should be attached.

Bill Bedford

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