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Date: Wed Jun 14 2000 - 15:01:41 EEST

INUS Technology, Inc. Ships RapidForm2000 Plus Pack 1.
RapidForm2000 Plus Pack 1 provides a novel 3D polygon data compression solution, dramatically compressing the size of the file.

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Seoul, South Korea (June 12, 2000) - INUS Technology, Inc. announces the official release of RapidForm2000 Plus Pack 1, an upgrade version of RapidForm2000 which was released on April 17. The key theme driving RapidForm2000 functionality is 3D data compression technology for 3D realism in the Internet environment.
¡°RapidForm2000 Plus Pack 1 provides a novel 3D polygon data compression solution, dramatically compressing the size of the file. Typical compression ratio (Compressed data file size / Original data file size) can be reached to less than 3 % without any polygon representation scheme transformation such as subdivision technology. This new functionality is sure to make your Internet communication through 3D data more effective, productive and easy-to-use than ever before. The series of Plus Pack is a meaningful sign of our endless challenges to breakthrough all the current technical bottleneck,¡± explains Seockhoon Bae, CEO of INUS Technology, Inc.

Beside, RapidForm2000 Plus Pack 1 provided many technical enhancements compared to the previous version especially for the functionalities of polygon-to-NURBS surface and global registration. Some minor bugs are also completely fixed and GUI is more simplified and convenient.

Major cutting-edges of Plus Pack 1

3D data compression for Web3D and 3D data archiving

Now, it is possible to keep 20 files of 100,000-polygon models in one floppy diskette. RapidForm2000 Plus Pack 1 provides a unique technology for 3D polygon data compression. INUS Technology developed a novel 3D polygon data compression format called ICF(INUS Compression Format). RapidForm2000 directly compresses textured polygon mesh data by more than 97% for highly light-weighted 3D database archiving and web-based 3D visualization. So far, the critical bottleneck of web3D construction is the current status of network traffic because 3D data file is generally too large to effectively manipulate on the network. In addition, ICF 3D viewer (plug-in for web browser) is also presented free of charge for viewing manipulation of ICF data in Microsoft Internet Explorer and Netscape web browsers.

Dramatically improved NURBS surface fitting functionality

Originally, the speed of NURBS surface fitting process in RapidForm2000 was absolutely dependent on the number of polygon in the selected region. So, in case a user wants to generate a NURBS surface for a wide area having extremely massive polygons, it takes some time to finish the job in the previous version. However, it is not a problem any more in RapidForm2000 Plus Pack 1. The processing speed of RapidForm2000 Plus Pack 1 is proportional to the number of selected polygon while it was exponentially proportional in the previous version. Besides, the quality of result NURBS surface and the robustness are also dramatically improved.

Technical innovation of global registration between polygonal shells

The global registration of RapidForm2000 Plus Pack 1 ensures the minimum positional error between shells even for extremely large data set. Once you have a chance to see a result from our enhanced functionality of global registration, you are sure to have confidence that you do not have find another solution for registration job.

More simplified and convenient GUI(Graphical User Interface)

The steps for a process in RapidForm2000 Plus Pack 1 are dramatically simplified. Both steps and options for main functionalities are minimized and the structure of GUI is redesigned in some operations. Consequently, a user can finish all the jobs within 60 % of original processing time compared to the previous version.

Minor enhancement and bug fix
- Minor bug fix - RapidForm2000 Plus Pack 1 is more robust and stable.
- RealScan data format(PMJ) is directly supported.
- Curve/surface modeling tools are newly added.
- A model only with curve and surface can be saved.
- Unit(mm/inch) definition can be applied to both curve and surface process also.

About RapidForm2000
RapidForm2000 from INUS Technology was officially released on April 17, 2000. RapidForm2000 is ¡°3D reverse modeler¡± providing all the indispensable and advanced functionalities for point cloud, polygon meshes, and NURBS curve/surfaces. For the dramatic enhancement of reverse engineering productivity, the new and innovative polygon-based functionalities are totally integrated in easy-to-learn and easy-to-use working environment. RapidForm2000 does not provides only the 3D scan work oriented functionalities such as point cloud triangulation, multiple scan view aligning, polygon merging, and dimension measuring, but also polygon modeling, polygon optimization, polygon-to-NURBS conversion, data compression, and rich set of intelligent functionalities to meet all the demands for a wide variety of applications.

System Requirements
Windows 95/98/2000/NT 4.0 with SP3 or higher
Minimum Pentium II CPU, Pentium III CPU is recommended.
Minimum 20M disk space for installation, and more than 100M disk space for swapping.
OpenGL acceleration graphic board is recommended.
Minimum 128M memory, more than 256M is recommended

Pricing and Availability
RapidForm2000 Plus Pack 1 is available immediately. RapidForm2000 Plus Pack 1 is available worldwide as a multi-platform license for Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional, Windows 98, and Windows NT.

About INUS Technology, Inc.
Founded in 1998, INUS Technology, Inc. is the world's leading virtual world and digital content creation corporation providing technical professionals with enhanced tools shaped from emerging technologies of 3D and internet. For more information, contact any authorized INUS technology reseller, email directly to, or visit

RapidForm2000¡¯s challenge will be continuing to overcome current technical limitations.

RapidForm and RapidForm2000 is a registered trademark of INUS Technology, Inc. Windows is a trademark of Microsoft, Inc.

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