Date: Wed Jun 14 2000 - 16:04:47 EEST

To all...

Regarding the COLAMM information that I have. I have received several
requests for information and would be happy to send it to all of you but...

1st I have one set of photos, specs. and other information.
2nd To have color copies made is expensive!
3rd Most of the requests are from outside the US and postage will be
expensive (for someone on a meager salary like me!)

I will in the next week or so try to put the information on my website so
all can gain access to it! The web address is
<> you will NOTE that this website is NOT
AFFILIATED with Williams International (my employer) but is my company for
those after hours need to live, eat and breathe RP!

Please do NOT connect the two other then it's the same person at both
places! The information that I have was NOT sent to Williams International
but to me personally for a project that I was involved with last year!


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        Dear sir,
        could you please send me the information you have
        regarding the colamm system at the following adress:
        Thank you very much

        Franck DOREAU

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