Re: DXF and IGES Surface -> "Solid in "Rhino", Materialise etc.

From: Robert Berg (
Date: Wed Jun 14 2000 - 23:48:20 EEST

I have not been able to find a way to turn objects into Nurbs for performing
boolean oporations with Rhino

However, Rhino can transform a model to a *.lwo (lightwave object) and Lightwave
Modeler can perform boolean oporations on non nurb objects. The lightwave object
can then be brought back into rhino to export to whatever other file type you
would like. This has been the easiest way I've found to do booleans with non
nurb objects..

Robert Berg

Jonathan Chertok wrote:

> One more for the list:
> Does anyone know if Rhino can transform a surface into a solid (the file was
> originally Mathematica DXF imported into FORM Z and saved as an IGES).
> I have a series of Mathematica files which I have exported using a
> "WriteDXF" command. Because these have been formed as surfaces I am having a
> problem performing a "boolean intersect operation" on them. Rhino suggested
> importing as a IGES which seems to come in as a series of planar surfaces
> instead of one object.
> Materialise RP was able to take my original prototype and offset the surface
> in order to use the surface as a solid. Otherwise I would have had to go in
> and "manually" fix the surface (gaps, normals etc"). However, Materialise is
> not compatible with my Virtual PC on my MAC, while Rhino is. Would like to
> hear from someone who has found a convenient way (MAC Compatible?) to
> transform surfaces into a Boolean and RP acceptable formats.
> Thanks,
> Jonathan Chertok
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