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Date: Thu Jun 15 2000 - 04:36:21 EEST

Good luck Sheba, the RP fever has struck another person!! By the way, my
wife creates bracelet, necklace and earring masterpieces (Check them out at On occaison she gets requests for custom
charms or special shape letter cubes for name bracelets - is this something
you can make in 14 kt gold fill and/or sterling silver .925 and do you have
a library of designs to choose from as well as making them from a customer's
CAD file?
Glenn Whiteside

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> Well, instead of establishing a web resource for digital sculpture, as
> I had thought of doing late last year, I decided to take a more direct
> approach.
> This is to announce the opening of Protoshape, a Sanders service
> bureau, at I hope to specialize in art and
> jewelry, but until a large volume of that type of business appears,
> I'm happy to make parts for anyone who would like some.
> So please feel free to link to my site, list me in your directory, or
> otherwise mention me any way you like. Don't forget, the best
> bargains are available now, before I figure out how much I have to
> charge to make a profit.
> Plus, look out for some darling little sculptures in about a month:
> all my work will soon be available at 1" to 2" sizes.
> Yours while having fun,
> -Sheba
> Bathsheba Grossman (831) 429-8224
> Digital sculpture
> Tiny models from CAD
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