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From: Erkut Negis (
Date: Thu Jun 15 2000 - 15:27:02 EEST

We urgently (as all other customers) need prototype parts of a vacuum cleaner including the upper and lower shells, controls, handle, switches, cable roller, microfilter screens, etc. The prototypes will be used for functional testing so, material properties should be similar to ABS. The prototypes may directly be fabricated via SLA using SL 5520 or Somos 8110 resin? Another option is vacuum casting however this could be costly for us because we will not need more than two prototype for each part.
Laser sintering process (DTM or EOS) can also be suitable especially for smaller parts. We do not prefer FDM because the product should be water resistant however FDM technology may be used to build masters for silicon tooling.

Initially we need two copies of a part which has a Diameter of 300mm and H: 200mm.

Keeping in mind the above requirements/ constraints please contact me for additional discussion and afterwards I can send part data to you.


Erkut Negis

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