FREE Computer and Website, with Account!

Date: Fri Jun 16 2000 - 05:54:55 EEST

Get your Business Account Opened with US!

The First 500 People to take advantage of this Special
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Get your own PRE-APPROVED Merchant Account and accept all
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Online ACH (Automatic Check Handling) with an initial limit
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Custom state-of-the-art website, complete with Shopping Cart,
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You can make money while you sleep!
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(No Obligation)

We are so convinced you LOVE what we have to offer;
we're giving you FREE Name Brand Desktop Computer!
Complete with...

    Pentium 500 or better processor
    10 GB or larger hard drive
    64 Meg of RAM
    Fast CD-ROM Drive
    1.44" Floppy
    And a High Quality 15" Color Monitor

You are Guaranteed to be completely e-commerce ready in
10 business days or less! SO ACT NOW!
Get yourself ready for the e-commerce surge!

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